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Sauerzapf Castles

From February 9, 2008 to February 27, 2008 We took a cruise to Antarctica. We embarked in Buenos Aires, Argentina and cruised to the Falklands (Melvinas). A 4 wheel drive bumped and shook us to a Rock Hopper penguin rookery. These penguins have long mean slanted eyes and orange feathers on their heads that make them look like they just got up. Unforunately, the adults were out getting food and all we saw were the 20 young ones waiting for food.
Then we headed to the Antarctic. Can you name all 5 oceans? Well, at this special spot around 60 degrees south the temperature of the water drops 4-5 degrees. This is the Southern Ocean. Our first iceberg sighting was a berg as big as 16 Chicago city blocks. We cruised past the Antarctic sound and to Elephant Island. On the next day we went to Paradise Bay, which was filled with bergie bits (the size of Arctic icebergs), and small icebergs called growlers (from the sounds they make against the hull). 
We left after a few hours and headed farther south toward the Lemaire Channel. Fortunately, the fog cleared as we approached and our captain assisted by an ice pilot (who was once the captain of the Canadian Explorer that sunk around Thanksgiving). We were lucky enough to sail to 65 degrees south and eventually reached 65 degrees 7 minutes, the farthest South a cruise ship has ever gone! On the way north we visited Deception Island which is an dormant volcano with areas where the water is as warm as a thermal bath. Many nations have their experimental stations here. Chile has a military camp. Some of the soldiers are married and have children, so there is a small school and some children are native born Antarcticans.  

We are fortunate to have visited Europe in 2006. We visited Germany including the ruins of a Sauerzapf castle which was built into cave tunnels (1400 - 1700). Mary fell and broke three ribs. She spent three days in Regensburg hospital. We also viewed paintings (1740 - 1860) of Sauerzapf nobles in Wildenreuth castle. In Sulzbach / Rosenberg we saw the first street, SauerzapfStrasse, named after one of the founders of this city.
We headed South to Venice where we stayed for a week.Then we visited the Tuscan cities of Florence and Pisa. We headed slightly North to Milan (City of St. Augustine, St. Ambrose and Leonardo da Vinci). We drove north from there to Lake Como with mansions of movie stars and sites for numorous movies. Finally, we arrived at St. Moritz, Switzerland (Heidi) and took day long glacier express to Zermatt (Matterhorn).
We spent the last 2 and a half weeks on the Medeterranean coast at Alassio, on the Italian Riviera. Then we headed to the French Riviera through Monte Carlo to Port Juan where the multi-million dollar yachts dock when the rich go to Cannes. After five days we headed to Nice and again had a room with a balcony overlooking the Sea.

Click here for Pictures.Both the 2006 European and 2008 Antarctic / Patagonian pictures are here.