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Sauerzapf Castles

Near the Iron Road of the Sauerzapfs is a town called Furth im Wald. Here in early August there is a celebration of killing the last dragon in the Bavarian/Bohemian Forest. Below are pictures of the "drachenstick".
The Knight killing the dragon is Sir Georg (St. George) Frankenstein,  whose son sold the Frankenstein castle (Darmstadt) and title Baron von Frankenstein to Konrad Dipple whose grandson, Victor, was the man who studied medicine at the most advanced school of medicine in Inglostadt and stole body parts to create a "creature" (monster).
The name Franken (Holy) stein (Grail) was assigned to the family because they were the knights who possessed the Holy Grail which conquered evil (the dragon) and gave life (creature). A complicated legend with a lot of verifiable remains and details.

Dragon lurks over Furth

Dragon enters Furth

St. George slays the dragon